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Managing Team

Thio Gwan Choon




Gwan Choon is a highly regarded finance professional, having a successful track record and broad business management experience in banking, stockbroking and investment.

Starting his career at Citibank, Gwan Choon moved to stockbroking at Lim & Tan and was appointed CEO of AMS Securities in 1996. By 2003, Gwan Choon was managing high valued funds for Prima, then a listed company. He also founded Technopreneur AngelVentures and secured numerous fund raising deals for start-ups & SMEs.

More recently, Gwan Choon’s wealth of experience has seen him being appointed as advisor and CFO across different industries, such as Life Exchange & Vitamin Research Asia and the Thai Express group.


Notably in 2009, he was instrumental in securing the successful USD 80 Million sale of the Thai Express group.

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